Photograms and luminograms

I am interested in making camera-less photograms and luminograms. This interest is partially driven by process; the scientist in me is fascinated by the chemistry of the dark room process. It is also driven by aesthetics. The image produced by shining a focussed light through an object has an ethereal and uniquely honest quality. My subject matter loosely relates to animal and plant matter and to laboratory equipment.
I like Jonathan Griffin’s comment that “(photograms) elucidate their medium’s noblest qualities: wacky science-lab experimentalism, auratic power, brass-tacks simplicity, absurdist humour and a reverence towards the chemical wonders of analogue photography”
Griffin, Jonathan (2015), Out of the Light - Into the Shadows. In Tate etc, Issue 33, Spring 2015, pages 85 – 93.